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Commonwealth was inspired to amplify the lesser known sport of race walking. The Commonwealth Equipment Race Walk uses a range of distinctively textured materials such as ripstop, nubuck and reflective detailing; with subtle nods to the adidas Rising Star, All Odd and AW Reissue Run, all in a modern execution.


2008 E. 7th St
Los Angeles, CA
90021, USA

4528 Main St
Virginia Beach, VA
23462, USA

1811 14th Street NW
Washington, DC
20009, USA

SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway, Taguig

Rockwell Dr. cor. Estrella St
Poblacion, Makati

Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt Drive
Ayala Center
Makati San Lorenzo, Makati

Commonwealth Founder, Omar Quiambao

Commonwealth, Virginia Beach

In Conversation with
Omar Quiambao & Larry Incognito
Co-Founders, Commonwealth

1. Please introduce yourself.
I’m Omar Quiambao, Co-Founder of Commonwealth, along with Larry Incognito. Larry runs the operations side of the business, while I head up design direction for the store, plus Commonwealth's apparel and product lines and collaborations.
2. What is your earliest adidas memory?
I'm not sure it was my first pair of adidas, but the earliest pair I remember was the classic black Samba, which I wore to play community football when I was in primary school. I remember run- ning around the field with high white socks pulled over my shin guards, loving the colour combination of black shoes with white stripes on a gum sole, and the grooves in the tongue. Because of the familiarity and fondness for the shoe, years later, I would eventually use the Samba to skateboard in as well.
3. The ’90s was a key decade in the history of sportswear. What was the first sports shop you visited?
I can't recall which store it was, but it was in Virginia Beach in the mid ’80s. Previously, I had usually only been in the ‘sports’ sections in department stores, so the first time I went into an actual sports store, I remember feeling overwhelmed and a bit confused. I didn't know there were so many specific footwear styles for their respective sports.

4. What is it about the Equipment line that you admire most?
The adidas Equipment line defined a turning point in the history of the adidas brand, with a new logo and a renewed approach, which focused on the quality of the shoe. The product became the hero, using branding rules that emphasised product quality by restricting colour, sizing and the placement of the logo. For me, seeing that sort of unified repetition and consistency defined Equipment as a movement.
5. The original Equipment line had products for all sports, from the mainstream to the niche. Which areas would you like to see have their own Equipment product today?
I think it’d be great to see adidas Equipment versions for skateboarding and trail hiking.
6. What is your favourite part of the collaboration process?
All parts of the collaboration process are fulfilling, it’s exciting to see everything develop step by step. Each stage has its highlights, but throughout the journey, the exchange of ideas and points of view, for me, is the best part of collaborating.
7. What inspired the Equipment shoe you have created for Consortium 2021?
Race walking can be seen as an ‘oddity’ within sport, so Commonwealth was inspired to amplify that difference, or what I see as uniqueness. Our aim was to create balance with a range of distinctively textured materials and colours, with a slight nod to some past adidas models, including the Rising Star, the All Odd, and AW Reissue Run.