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Equipment Prototype

For Atmos’ Consortium debut, the Tokyo store takes inspiration from the concept behind the Equipment Prototype itself, speed. The recognisable Equipment logo appears on the side of the shoe, but with added motion blur, as if travelling at high speed. Translucent overlays and a bold yellow, black and grey camouflage complete the aesthetic.


アトモスのConsortiumのデビューに向け、アトモス東京店では、Racing Proto自体のコンセプトである「スピード」からインスピレーションを得ました。シューズ側面には一目でわかるエキップメントのロゴがあり、まるで高速で動いているかのようなモーションブラー(ぶれ)が加えられています。半透明のオーバーレイと、大胆なイエロー、ブラック、グレーのカモフラージュがデザインの美しさを完成させています。

4 Chome-1-1 Shinjuku South Avenue 1F
Shinjuku City, Shinjuku
〒 160-0022
Tokyo, Japan

4 Chome-29-1 Majima Building 1F
Shibuya City, Jingumae
Tokyo, Japan

3 Chome-16-9
Shibuya City, Sendagaya
Tokyo, Japan

6 Chome-5-3 Iberia Building 1F
Shibuya City, Jingumae
Tokyo, Japan

31-8 Udagawacho
Shibuya City
Tokyo, Japan

Hirofumi Kojima-san and his team outside

In Conversation with
Hirofumi Kojima
Director, Atmos

1. Please introduce yourself.
I’m Hirofumi Kojima, but everyone calls me Koji, and I’m Director of Atmos. I started out aged 19 as part-time shop staff when Atmos first opened in 2000. Since, sneakers have become my life and I am constantly thinking of crazy themes and ways of showcasing Tokyo’s sneaker scene to the world.
2. What is your earliest adidas memory?
When I was in junior school, I bought my first pair of Superstar 2s in white with black stripes at my local store. Rumours about the shoes being sold at the store spread throughout town. Everyone wanted to get a pair.
3. The ’90s was a key decade in the history of sportswear. What was the first sports shop you visited?
My hometown is a place called Kasukabe, which is in Saitama, Japan. In Kasukabe, there was a department store called Robinson, which had an Oshman’s – that’s the first sports shop I walked into. In the ’90s, there were no sneaker boutiques, so the only way to buy them was at the sports shops.

4. What is it about the Equipment line that you admire most?
To tell you the truth, EQT wasn’t popular with my age group in the ’90s. So, in my opinion, it’s right now that EQT feels current, fresh and new.
5. The original Equipment line had products for all sports, from the mainstream to the niche. Which areas would you like to see have their own Equipment product today?
I am really interested in running, so I would like to see a new evolution of EQT for the running scene.
6. What is your favourite part of the collaboration process?
I take part in the concepting and designing, as well as the marketing. From start to finish, I love the entire process.
7. What inspired the Equipment shoe you have created for Consortium 2021?
7.Consortium 2021のために制作されたエキップメントシューズは、何にインスピレーションを受けていますか?
2021 marks the beginning of Atmos and Consortium, so this collaboration project is a great way to kick it all off. With this shoe we want to create something fun, interesting and that has never been done before.