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Running Support 93

The UK’s three highest mountains serve as the main inspiration for Footpatrol’s take on the Support 93. Footpatrol studied the different types of sedimentary strata found in each location discovering an abundance of beautifully subtle colours, which they felt would work in harmony on the shoe. Fusing technical outdoor materials like TPU and rubber, with more traditional components and classic outdoor colour pops to solidify the look.


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Footpatrol London

Interview with
Asheeba Charles
Creative Brand Lead, Footpatrol

1. Please introduce yourself.
I'm Asheeba Charles, Creative Brand Lead at Footpatrol. In my role, I oversee design and all collaborative footwear projects at Footpatrol. I also work on Footpatrol's own-brand apparel line.
2. What is your earliest adidas memory?
My earliest adidas memory is spotting a member of staff at my local community youth centre wearing a pair of ZX 8000s in the Aqua colourway. As a young kid, the colour-up immediately drew me in and caught my attention.
3. The ’90s was a key decade in the history of sportswear. What was the first sports shop you visited?
My local sports shop was on Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush, called Parksy's Sports Centre. It was a typical sports store, complete with all the usual sporting equipment. When you got to the footwear section, the best thing to do was to look up. All the best trainers lived on the top shelf. That place was my haven.
4. The original Equipment line had products for all sports, from the mainstream to the niche. Which areas would you like to see have their own Equipment product today?
That's an interesting one. It would be great to see Equipment made for more recreational sports – like mini golf, or table football.
5. What is your favourite part of the collaboration process?
I think being able to come up with the concept is great fun, but for me, design and development is where the true beauty lies. I enjoy going through the process of elimination and dis- covery, seeing what works or doesn't work.
6. What inspired the Equipment shoe you have created for Consortium 2021?
The National Three Peaks Challenge is, as it says, a challenge. So, we took that concept and looked at designing a shoe that would encourage everyone to engage in more recreational walking. Hopefully the design sparks the conversation.