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Running Support 93

Livestock presents the Equipment Support 93, drawing inspiration from the many rounds of prototyping, testing and development that goes into making the perfect sporting equipment. The colours and grid patterns are a nod to the product designer’s cutting board and measuring tools in the ’90s, at the time of adidas Equipment’s inception.


Livestock Chinatown
141 E Pender St
Vancouver BC - V6A 1T6

Livestock Roncesvalles
406 Roncesvalles Ave
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Livestock Spadina
116 Spadina - Unit G1
Toronto ON - M5V 2K6

Livestock Winnipeg
224 Main St
Winnipeg MB - R3C 1A8

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In Conversation with
Jake, Livestock HQ
Stephan, Livestock Assistant Buyer
Matt, Livestock Senior Creative Lead and Special Projects Manager
Daniel, Livestock Winnipeg Manager
Ryan, Livestock HR Manager
Raheem, Livestock Toronto

1. Please introduce yourself.
Having opened our first retail shop in 2004 within Vancouver’s historic Gastown district, Livestock has now grown to four locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg. The store’s deep roots in art, music, and skateboarding communities have helped us to design a retail experience that properly reflects all of our influences. Below, various members of the Livestock team share their thoughts.
2. What is your earliest adidas memory?
David Beckham’s adidas Predator boots whipping in crosses and free kicks. I just remember how everyone wanted that boot and was convinced it would allow them to do the same. – Jake, Livestock HQ
3. The ’90s was a key decade in the history of sportswear. What was the first sports shop you visited?
I remember a small sports store in Vancouver that mainly specialised in football cleats, but also carried adidas Superstars, Gazelles, Stan Smiths and Sambas. They always had rare and unique colourways. I remember buying a pair of the original adidas Tobaccos there. I loved skateboarding in those shoes. – Matt, Livestock Senior Creative Lead and Special Projects Manager
4. What is it about the Equipment line that you admire most?
I love how the EQT model has transcended its intended utilitarian purpose, it’s become a classic silhouette for everyday life. – Daniel, Livestock Winnipeg Manager
It has to be the mix of style and practicality of the EQT line that I admire most. They were able to stand the test of time and still look cool and innovative. – Ryan, Livestock HR Manager
5. The original Equipment line had products for all sports, from the mainstream to the niche. Which areas would you like to see have their own Equipment product today?
It would be interesting to see an EQT line for action sports such as BMX, skateboarding and maybe even a snowboarding boot that borrows from previous EQT models. – Raheem, Livestock Toronto
Dedicated footwear designed for breakdancing! – Stephan, Livestock Assistant Buyer
6. What is your favourite part of the collaboration process?
Designing the shoe is definitely my favourite. It’s like getting to build your characters for a story. The marketing campaign is a close second, being able to shape the story you’re trying to tell. – Daniel, Livestock Winnipeg Manager
Each step is very unique and important to the process. Design and development is the most rewarding, when you physically see the original concept come to life. The marketing process is also a favourite, where we’re able to share the story behind our original concept with our customers. – Matt, Livestock Senior Creative Lead and Special Projects Manager
7. What inspired the Equipment shoe you have created for Consortium 2021?
For the Livestock Consortium EQT shoe, we reached out to our longtime friend and designer, Kenta Goto. Kenta has been an extension of our Livestock family since day one and his work has always been a respected representation of Livestock’s influences and direction. Our EQT shoe is inspired by the craft involved in designing thoughtful and functional equipment. The colours, materials and graphics reflect the tools (such as cutting, masking and measurement tools) used throughout the prototyping and modelling process. – Matt, Livestock Senior Creative Lead and Special Projects Manager